The Women of Jump Media

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, the team at Jump Media would like to recognize some of the women we have the privilege of working with and who inspire us every day. Many of the women Jump Media represents brought their own businesses to life, identifying and filling a need in the equestrian industry. Others are the heads of companies and have been instrumental in bringing their organizations to the top of the industry. These women have all combined their passions for horses with their careers and we are proud to introduce you to them.

In Focus: Tori Bilas

Photography has always been a fun hobby for me, but I never imagined it would turn into such a significant part of my career. I always had a camera with me growing up, even if it was one of those disposable wind-up cameras I took to camp every summer.

On The Job with Laura Connaway

Horses have always been a part of my life. I have a sister that is a bit older than I am and we shared a horse-crazy gene handed down from our Mother, Mormor (Danish for Grandmother), Morfar (Danish for Grandfather), as well as my great grandfather. It seemed very normal to have dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses, and since animals were always part of my day-to-day life, I never considered a stage in life without horses.

WIHS Reimagined: A 2020 Take on #HorsesintheCity

As the world at large continues to rewrite the rules of normalcy, the horse show industry has begun to awaken after a difficult time on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The early part of the year brought unavoidable cancellations that left the fall show jumping schedule in limbo until only a few weeks ago.

Five Questions with Jump Media Newcomers

The team at Jump Media welcomed two new public relations professionals to the squad this summer, and we are excited for our blog readers to get to know them better. Tori Bilas and Kara Pinato Scro bring their own sets of professional qualifications, but they are also pretty rad people. We asked them each the same five questions to give you an opportunity to learn a little more about who they are, what they do, and how they find inspiration.

On the Job with Nicole Lakin

Like so many young, horse-crazy girls, I thought of little else than my pony and the next horse show during my formative years. I had other interests and curiosities, but they always took a back seat to my time at the barn. I lived to be at the barn. During my early days at pony camp in the summers, I often tried to skip arts and crafts time to watch the older, more experienced kids during their riding times.

Turning Professional Isn’t For Me…Now What?

I often hear from people I have encountered throughout my time in the horse industry, and they almost always tell me that I have their dream job. I can only assume they follow my social media channels and see me ringside at competitions in all corners of North America and beyond, interacting with their childhood heroes, meeting four-legged royalty, and living out an equine-inspired professional fantasy.

Meet Our Clients: Equine Elixirs

Equine Elixirs has become one of the most trusted equine supplement brands on the market. Founded by Elizabeth Ehrlich, the company takes pride in creating all-natural, show-safe supplements that help combat a variety of health issues many horses face. It has been exciting to be a part of Liz’s journey with Equine Elixirs over the past two years as she has launched four new products to join her flagship offering, Ulceraser.

In Focus: Simon Stafford

I have always enjoyed taking photos and began doing equestrian sports photography after meeting my wife, Jenn Ward, one of Jump Media’s founders. She saw my photos, thought I had a good eye, and encouraged me to explore photography professionally.

Meet Our Clients: Sloane Coles and Spring Ledge

Horses are a family business for the Coles. Sloane Coles spent her childhood riding in the rolling hills of Virginia, and grew up to answer a call to the show ring. Based out of her family’s farm, Spring Ledge in The Plains, VA, Sloane’s business is home to a thriving group of junior, adult, and amateur riders.

In Focus: Emily Randolph

I don’t recall exactly when I first fell in love with photography. If I had to guess, it was around the time that I was developing film in my high school dark room and never leaving home without my lime green Fujifilm point-and-shoot digital camera. It was always tucked in my bag next to my phone, because remember when they weren’t one and the same?

Video: 10 Questions for Jump Media

What inspires the Jump Media team? How do we get through the work day? Which famous horse would our team members love to ride? We've been enjoying Vogue's "73 Questions" series and put our own twist on these rapid-fire Q&A videos. Check out the video below to get a better sense of who we are at Jump Media!

In Focus: Lindsay Brock

It wasn’t until she was 25 that Lindsay Brock picked up a DSLR camera and started shooting. The first shot came from a horse show in the California desert and, from then on, two of her passions would forever be intertwined: horses and photography.

Meet Our Clients: Julia Tops and Zeidler Farm

In honor of Mother’s Day, this month’s featured client is a terrific mother-daughter duo! Julia Tops is the daughter of Canadian Show Jumping Team veteran Tani Zeidler (and Jan Tops, Olympic gold medalist for The Netherlands). Given the combined talent of her parents, it is not surprising that Julia excels in show jumping, but in the saddle isn’t the only place where Julia is successful.

National Help a Horse Day

April 26th marks National Help a Horse Day! This designated holiday encourages horse lovers and advocates to protect abused and neglected horses. One such organization that works every day to fulfill this mission is Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) in Woodbine, Maryland. The nonprofit was created 31 years ago, and since then has rehomed more than 2,600 horses.

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