SeeHorse Technology Monitors Horse Activity and Health

September 2, 2016 - Cambridge, Ontario

Wearable fitness bands, watches, and heart rate monitors have revolutionized the fitness industry in recent years, and now that same technology is available to the equestrian market thanks to SeeHorse.

With the introduction of the SeeHorse wearable device, owners, trainers, veterinarians, and others can be connected with their horses and track activity and health unlike any other product currently available.

SeeHorse can attach to a bridle to measure a horse’s activity and movement while being ridden. SeeHorse can also be placed on the horse in a body holder to measure and monitor temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate in the barn.

SeeHorse information is available in real-time as well as stored for building in-depth daily and long-term reports. These reports allow owners, riders, and others working with the horse to become familiar with the animal’s normal health and fitness levels and quickly identify a potential problem.

“SeeHorse allows horses to connect with humans like never before, and vice versa,” said Peter Mankowski, CEO and co-founder of SeeHorse. “Horses are incredibly intelligent and majestic, but also fragile with no real way of telling us when they may not be feeling well or how they may be recovering from injury. SeeHorse creates a means to do that.”

Information is immediately accessible from the SeeHorse application on mobile devices or iPads and allows others to view the data remotely with only a few minutes’ delay. The app can also be set to notify users of any abnormalities, such as a spike in temperature or activity that could indicate the onset of colic. The device and application is also being developed for breeders monitoring pregnant mares.

“SeeHorse can let you know if your horse has changes in vital signs that can signal the start of infection, the onset of colic, or a developing injury that can be red flags,” said Jessica Roberts, who co-founded SeeHorse with Mankowski.

An avid equestrian, Roberts convinced Mankowski, a former BlackBerry research and development lead, to channel his expertise in technology and animal science into developing a device that could aid horse owners and trainers in caring for and managing their animals.

Whether for the amateur rider, professional competitor, trainer, or boarding facility owner, SeeHorse can aid in tracking fitness and horse health. The cutting-edge device and application are now available in the United States and Canada and online at