Equestrian Office Dogs: Aiden

June 29, 2018

Aiden, an 18-month-old American Cocker Spaniel, is the perfect office assistant. He spends his “on the clock” hours helping with the day-to-day paperwork (keep reading), or patiently waiting for quitting time from his office bed, which he shares with two office cats; seven-year-old Stella and 15-year-old Lilly.

Office duties are as much a part of Aiden’s life as is his mom’s. Joy Dunn, who works in sales and marketing from her home office in Oneonta, NY, splits her time outside the office between Aiden and the seven horses that she keeps on her personal farm. She says she’s lucky to be able to work from home and be with her animals every day.

When asked what makes Aiden a special office dog, Dunn responded, “Everything! Plus, the ability to make me laugh every day.”

The 4-1-1 on Aiden
Hometown: Oneonta, NY
Favorite activities: Playing with all his squeaky toys (he has many of them) as well as empty water bottles.
Least favorite activities: Trimming the hair on his feet. Peanut butter bribes help though.
Best tricks: Bringing the correct squeak toy when asked by name (they all have names!).
Worst trick: Catching – he’s working on it.
When he/she’s on his/her best behavior: Most of the time!
When he/she’s on his/her worst behavior: When he steals a piece of paper that fell off Joy’s desk and runs full blast until he decides she can have it back. Same with a paper towel. She swears he can hear one fall to the floor.

Aiden's owner submitted his photo when she saw Jump Media office dogs Izzie and Biscuit featured.