How Ulceraser Helps Georgina Bloomberg’s Horses Perform Their Best

May 15, 2020 - Wellington, FL

Georgina Bloomberg and Paola 233
Photo by Jump Media

For professional riders and trainers, their horses’ health and comfort are a top priority. However, the stress of training, competing, and traveling puts many horses at increased risk of gastric ulcers. By incorporating the all-natural, forage-based supplement, Ulceraser®, into their horses’ diets, riders can provide gastric support for their equine partners, help prevent the recurrence of ulcers, and ultimately improve their horses’ overall health and performance.

U.S. show jumper Georgina Bloomberg is one such rider who has found success with Ulceraser. Named in the top 200 on the Longines World rankings, she’s had numerous top placings in grand prix events, represented her country at the Longines FEI World Cup™ Finals, and has helped lead multiple U.S. teams to victory in Nations’ Cup competitions. Bloomberg is also the owner of and a rider on the Longines Global Champions League Team, New York Empire. 

Based out of North Salem, NY, and Wellington, FL, Bloomberg recently began integrating Ulceraser into her horses’ diets, and now considers the gastric supplement to be a fundamental part of her program. Read below to find out why she loves using Ulceraser!

"I have had my horses on Ulceraser for a few months now and have noticed a great improvement in their performance and behavior. With the stress of our heavy show schedule and travel, making sure our horses are healthy from the inside out is of the utmost importance. When a horse has any issues on the inside, it will not only show on the outside, but will affect his performance in the ring. Ulceraser has helped make sure that our horses are at their very best comfort and health wise and can therefore be at their best performance wise. 

I have always placed a great deal of importance on my horses’ welfare and making sure that they are cared for in the best possible way. Taking care of them is not just about what they can do for me in return, but about making sure that they have the very best of everything that I can offer them to make them their healthiest and happiest. Ulceraser helps ensure that."

What is Ulceraser? 

Ulceraser, an all-natural forage-based blend, is designed to promote gut health and help prevent the recurrence of ulcers. Ulceraser is a proprietary blend of ingredients that helps build and strengthen stomach and intestinal mucosa, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, boost the immune system, reduce anxiety and nervousness, and clear sand and debris from the gut. Unlike pastes and powders that horses avoid, they love to eat the forage-based Ulceraser®, so there’s no waste or mess, and even the pickiest eaters approve. Ulceraser is also completely safe to use in competition horses at both the FEI and USEF levels.

A 30-day supply of Ulceraser costs just $59.99. Auto-ship options are available. Find out more about Ulceraser at

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